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Mix Fitness Studios in Ypsilanti

Welcome to The Mix Fitness Studios in Ypsilanti. 

We are a locally owned small business dedicated to providing safe, comfortable, and non-judgmental fitness studios. We offer a variety of effective and fun fitness options available online, in-studio, and outdoors. Our diverse range of classes caters to different fitness levels and preferences, ensuring that you can overcome plateaus, avoid boredom, and accommodate your busy schedule to achieve your specific fitness goals.

Discover over 50 weekly classes, including Strength Training, Mini Trampoline Cardio, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Cardio Drumming, and more. Additionally, we offer Private Personal Training, Small Group Training, Nutrition Services, Health Coaching, special events and Massage Therapy to cater to your individual needs.

Join us at The Mix Fitness Studios and experience a supportive environment where you can achieve your fitness goals while enjoying a sense of community and personal growth.

Strength, Endurance, Flexibility
Mix Fitness Studios in Ypsilanti

The Mix Fitness Studios in Ypsilanti.

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Member Highlights: Real people living there best lives...

Mix Fitness Studios in Ypsilanti
Chynia: Nominated by Owner of The Mix, Sarah Kreiner...
“I nominated Chynia because of her consistency and drive. She struggled in the beginning but kept coming and every week I saw her get stronger and be able to continue through class. Her endurance and strength has improved so much!”
Chynia, What positive outcomes have you experienced because of being a member?
I joined last June after going to Planet Fitness, but wasn’t seeing any results, and wasn’t sure what to do. Really felt like I needed more training.
This was after I lost 24 lbs, but I still struggled with arthritis in my knees. It was to the point where every night I had to prop my legs up and was in so much pain. But the restorative yoga has helped with my knees. I used to complain all the time and haven’t been at all since starting this class (Restorative yoga). Now I come to Yoga once a week usually, but sometimes I miss the yoga class. I do Mix Total Body or Strength Training at least two times a week. It has helped for sure. In the strength classes I used to use 3lbs and 5s and now I can use 10s, 12s and 15s. It used to be so hard to keep up but now I can do the whole routine without breaks. In Bounce classes, the fast song are still hard but for the most part I keep up pretty well.
What have you learned?
I have learned exactly what not to do and what to do. You (Sarah) are always helping with form. At planet fitness I just would just get on the machines but didn’t know what to do. Now I feel like I am really working the muscles and doing it right.
What is your favorite workout or exercise and why?
Love the bands. Especially for the triceps. I feel like it was hard to hit those muscles on my own at the gym.
Anything Else you want to add?
Stick with and don’t give up. First day I felt so discouraged but didn’t quit and I am so glad that I didn’t. I had been told I could get knee surgery because of how bad my knees were. But I felt like I was too young based on what the doctors told me. I’m so glad I didn’t get the surgery because, exercise and healthy eating have been the way.
Mix Fitness Studios in Ypsilanti
Jessica: Nominated by Mix Instructor, Rebecca...
“Jessica has been so amazing in class and has shared her love of The Mix with others! Seeing her friends have fun with her is so a fun to watch!”
Jessica, What positive outcomes have you experienced because of being a member?
I have been coming for a little over 3 months and I already feel so much stronger physically and even mentally, and thats with just 2-3 classes a week. Having a few doses of endorphins every week has made my work stress much easier to manage.
What is your favorite workout or exercise and why?
So hard to say – I love so many of them. I would say that the Mix Total Body and Strength for Runners classes have increased my strength and transformed my body the most but Dance Bounce is the one I can’t live without – it improves my cardio and lifts my mood for the week.
How did you get started at the Mix?
I had heard great things about Mix from friends but resisted going for a long time thinking that “personal training wasn’t for me” not realizing that Mix offers so much more. Over the winter the “3 class intro” got me in the door and I’ve been hooked ever since.
What have you learned?
Love the instructors, the support of an amazing community, and the fun that comes with going to class. It is a very judgement free and accepting space.
Mix Fitness Studios in Ypsilanti
Pam: Nominated by Mix Instructor, Caitlin...
“I nominated Pam because she has been so much fun to work out with in the 6:15am strength training classes. She has also been a huge supporter of the 6:15am Pilates classes that I get to teach. Because anyone who can make your morning start out at 6:15am with a smile is worth highlighting! 🙂
What is your favorite thing about being part of the mix?
My favorite part of being part of the mix is belonging to a supportive, inclusive community. It has motivated me to stick with exercise, accept where I am at, and celebrate progress however big or small.
What have you learned?
I have learned how important it is to strengthen your body, fine tune your balance, and stretch your muscles. I can’t believe how much better my body feels since starting at The Mix. You feel it in the little things like getting up off the floor or lifting something that once felt so heavy.
What is your favorite workout or exercise and why?
Mix Total Body is my O.G. fav. I love that we work on strength, balance, flexibility, and cardio in 1 class. My newest favorite is Mat Pilates. The props are fun and challenging…they help to distract you from that core work 🙂. And of course, the bounce classes are amazing and fun. The cardio is 2nd to none!
How did you get started at The Mix?
I actually saw The Mix on Facebook, and was intrigued by a smaller studio vs a big gym. But, like most of us, I never acted on it. Then it hit my Facebook/Instagram feed again, and I realized exactly how close it was to my house, and I really had no excuse. So, I made an appointment with Sarah. I was hooked immediately. Sarah was thoughtful, kind, and I really felt as though she was invested in me personally. At the time, there was a special package to trial some classes and that seemed like a good place to start. It was hard in the beginning, but Sarah and all the trainers at The Mix provide so many options for all ranges of abilities, it felt comfortable to just accept where my body was at and try things that challenged me a little bit at a time.
Anything else you want to share?
The Mix is by far my favorite place to exercise because it is a small group of diverse individuals who are coming together to better their health. Sarah and the trainers are supportive and truly do their best to make your experience fun, fulfilling, and worthwhile.


We believe in a balanced approach to your health, nutrition, and well-being!

The Mix Fitness Studios in Ypsilanti.

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We have unique studio spaces in Ypsilanti and sometimes rent them by the hour.
Please email us with information about what you would use space for, and possible times you need.  We will respond about availability and rental rates.

The Mix Fitness Studios in Ypsilanti.