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3 Ways to Never Miss a Workout

A plan is great! But following through is the tough part. How many times have you said “I’m going to workout 3 x’s a week.” or “I am going to meal prep and bring my lunches to work.”
It’s so hard. But it’s not impossible at all!
3 Techniques that have helped me and my clients make it happen:
1. Planning Day
2. Be Flexible
3. Put them on the calendar
Read below to get all the tips and tricks and secrets.

Planning Day

The video below walks you through a life changing time management lesson and includes info on The Planning Day.

Each week you set aside 30-60 minutes where you plan.  This planning is done in a specific way. 

You’ll write down everything you want and have to do.  Then circle the things that are most important.  Maybe its making time to go on an outing with your kids or date night with your partner.

Then you schedule them.  Block out time on your calendar.  Watch the video for more.

“The Planning Day has done wonders for my exercise consistency.  I can’t believe how much I could actually do just by taking this time each week to plan it in!” K.C. 

Get It In Your Calendar

If it is not in your calendar it won’t happen.  That is just the way life is now.  I say that based on talking to tons of people about their current schedule.

Doesn’t matter if you use a digital calendar or beautiful paper planner.  Get it in!  

It’s an important appointment that you have carved out time for.

Be Flexible

What do you do when your kid gets sick?  When your boss schedules a mandatory meeting ?  

Be Flexibile!

Sure you might have to cancel your scheduled class.  But you can still do a 20 minute walk after dinner.  Or Squats and push ups before dinner.  Have a back up plan. 

Most importantly have a mindset that knows that a little is always better than nothing.  

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