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5 Ingredients or Less: Meals You’ll Love

I say it all the time.
You cannot eat healthy or for Fat Loss if you are eating OUT all the time!
I truly feel that you have to learn how to cook for yourself and your family if you want to lose fat, fight disease, and stay strong.
I realize that everyone doesn’t make time for cooking so here are 4 meals with 5 ingredients or less that you can put together with minimal effort. That means easy shopping, easy cooking, and easy cleanup!

Chicken Taco Bowl

1. Make your chicken thighs in the instapot (12 minutes on high pressure w/ enough broth to cover)
2. Toss coleslaw mix with lime juice
3. Top with avocado slices and chalula
4. You could make these into tacos with some corn tortillas too 😉

Shrimp Stir Fry

1. Cook the Stir Fry mix according to the package – about 6 minutes total. I only sprinkled a small portion of the garlic salt on my stir fry.
2. Put desired amount of riced veggies on plate and microwave.
3. Top with coconut aminos

Salmon Broccoli and Sweet Potato

1. Cook the salmon frozen in the oven. This takes 28 minutes but it is as easy as that … throw it in the oven and wait.
2. Microwave your sweet potato
3. Steam Broccoli (many bags can now go right in the microwave) Could do snap peas instead for variation.

Italian Bowl with Zoodles

1. Chop up Pre-cooked Italian sausage and toss into pan with oil.
2. Toss spinach in the pan or shred zucchini with a vegetable peeler or use both
3. Top with tomato sauce
4. Warm in the pan for about 2-3 minutes
5. Then with Italian cheese. You could use mozzarella or parmesan. But to me Manchego makes this so incredible verses just ok.

What are your go to’s?

Do you have any quick and easy short cut meals?

Comment and share with us!

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