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Directions to the Cross St Mix

The address is 511 West Cross St. Suite 102

Please be patient and leave early if this is your first time visiting.

Important Information about our TWO locations:

The classes you will be taking could be at either of our two studios that are a short 0.6 miles apart.  WARNING: Google search might take you to the wrong studio.

  1. 511 W. Cross, Suite 102 = Close to Eastern Michigan
  2. 306 N. River, Suite C = New Main Studio in Depot Town right next to the Food Co-op.

The Cross St Mix is located in the back of the building behind a store called Smokerz.  Below is a helpful picture and a map with the best place to park.

The public lot is located on Ballard Street and it’s really close to this new restaurant called Bon Appétit.

The sign for the public lot is blue and hard to see.  It just has P on it.

There is also parking

  • On Perrin near Jimmy Johns.

  • Street Parking right out front

After you park, you’ll walk to 511.  There’s an alley in between 511/Smokerz and The Shop. You’ll walk down the alley and that’s where we are.

Personal Training and Fitness Classes
Personal Training and Fitness Classes