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Mix of fitness classes in Ypsilanti

The Mix Class Schedule

Mix of Fitness Classes in Ypsilanti

Small in-person classes are a maximum of 8 people.  Almost all classes are also offered livestream and sometimes held outdoors in our private space. Our core modalities of Strength Training, Mini Trampoline Bounce Cardio, and Yoga are detailed below.  
We also offer Cardio Drumming, Step Aerobics, Mat Palates, special events, and more.
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We strive to make our fitness fun, accessible, safe, and open to all!
We have drop in’s, 8 class packs, and membership pricing, but to try us out first you can attend any 3 of our class offerings for only $19.
Find your Mix of fitness classes in Ypsilanti
Our small fitness community welcomes all ages, ethnicities, fitness levels, and genders. 
This is a community for ALL!
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Strength Training
Strength Training Classes in Ypsilanti
Maintaining muscle is one of the most important aspects of long-term health and longevity.
While many people often become fixated on which diet is best — such as paleo, keto, or low-carb — we know that by doing so you’re missing a big part of the health and fitness puzzle.
  • Muscle helps manage blood sugar.
  • Muscle builds strength and stamina.
  • Muscle supports your joints.
  • Building muscle builds bone, too.
  • Muscle helps you control body fat.
  • Muscle may change your emotional state.
  • Muscle makes you more self-confident.
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Nutrition alone is not the answer to reclaiming your health, getting rid of excess body fat, and feeling your best. Nutrition provides the building blocks for your body, but you need strength training to tell your body what to do with that nutrition.
Mini Trampoline Bounce Cardio Fitness
Come see why these workouts are so fun and most importantly EFFECTIVE! 
Our workouts on these Bellicon Mini Trampolines are like nothing you have experienced before. Get an amazing cardio workout while improving heart health, brain health, core strength, and more!
  • More effective than running
  • Less impact than if you were to do the moves on the ground.
  • Enhancing lymphatic circulation
  • Improves visual coordination
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Improves balance
  • Increase bone density
  • Lots of Fun!!!

Jump in and try one of our other Bounce Fitness offerings:

  • Intro to Bounce
  • Bounce 1
  • Dance Bounce
  • Bounce Express
  • Bounce 2
  • Bounce & Burn
Yoga classes in Ypsilanti
Incorporating cardio and strength training with yoga is a superb way to stay completely fit.
Cardio will keep your heart healthy, strength training will keep your muscles and joints strong, and yoga will prevent injury in the other two areas.

We believe in balance.

Balance in workouts and balance in life. Our yoga classes will benefit you by improving posture, balance and mobility as well as calming the busy mind. If you haven’t enjoyed yoga in the past we encourage you try one of our classes. Many of our clients have mentioned that they were surprised how much they liked our yoga classes!

We offer a Mix of yoga class offerings and are looking to add more.

Contact us if interested in Private Personal Yoga Pricing.