Take out the impact in your cardio and save your knees. While having a blast bouncing to the beats in any of our bounce fitness offerings.

Join livestream or in-person in our beautiful Depot Town, Ypsilanti studio.

Now offering a special Introduction to Bounce for ONLY $1.

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10:00am – 10:45am OR 11:00am – 11:45am

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Come see why these workouts are so fun and most importantly EFFECTIVE!   Trampoline workouts are an amazing cardio workout, building endurance and improving heart health. They also improve balance, coordination, brain health, core strength and more!

Or if you feel ready and comfortable, jump in and try one of our other Bounce Fitness Offerings:

  • Gentle Bounce
  • Bounce 1
  • Dance Bounce 1
  • Bounce Express
  • Bounce 2

With a great playlist and a fun welcoming environment!

Most classes offered in-person and Livestream.

Gentle Bounce Class:

  • Perfect for those living with autoimmune diseases or joint pain and stiffness.
  • Entry level, slow placed class to get you started.
  • Stability bars are available when needed.
  • Gentle stretches and core work to give you breaks from the cardio on the trampoline.

Bounce 1 Class:

  • You’ll work on your balance with both feet grounded as you build skills and endurance on the mini trampoline.
  • Less single leg work than Bounce 2 and a bit slower paced.  But still an amazing workout!
  • Each class ends with 10-15 minutes of gentle foam rolling to release tight spots and stress.
  • You will leave feeling amazing after this class!
  • Bounce 1 is perfect for you if you are new to trampoline fitness or if you don’t want as intense of a workout.
  • We also have a balance bar attachment to help you feel more comfortable.

Dance Bounce 1:

  • A bounce class that delivers a fun dance experience! 
  • Combining dance moves with standard trampoline bounce moves to create a dynamic and fun workout!
  • No dance experience required.

Bounce Express:

  • This is a Bounce 1 level class with no foam rolling at the end.
  • Bounce Express is a 30 minute class (instead of the normal 45 min). Get a quick, yet incredible workout in 30 minutes.

Bounce 2 Class:

  • Work on your endurance, stamina, and balance on the mini trampoline.
  • Bounce 2 is a bit faster paced and there will be more single leg work than Bounce 1.
  • We always offer lots of variations and ways to take the intensity up or down. So don’t be afraid to try Bounce 2 once you’ve been to a couple Bounce 1 classes.
  • We end each class with 10-15 minutes of gentle foam rolling to release tight spots and stress.
  • You will leave feeling amazing after this class!
  • Bounce 2 is perfect for you if you have done 3 or more trampoline fitness classes.


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    Cardio Trampoline Fitness
    Bounce Trampoline Fitness Classes

    Trampoline Rebounding Fitness Classes Now in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Come check out why trampoline fitness is so popular in New York and California.

    More about why I love Rebounding

    Jumping on the trampoline is also called Rebounding. Rebounding is super low impact.  Flexibility work is something that most of us skip in our routine. We know that flexibility can help with injury prevention, and also with gaining strength! This class is also a great stress reliever. We all know cortisol leads to weight gain around the abdomen so let’s lower those cortisol levels, burn serious calories and get in better shape!

    An amazing low impact workout with high intensity! Very scalable. Make it as intense as you want or take it easy if just getting into fitness.

    Check out these BENEFITS:

    • Bouncing is just as or more effective than running… You’d have to run 30 minutes to get the effects of a 20 minute tramp workout!
    • 40% less impact than if you were to do the moves on the ground. 
    • Gentle bouncing on a mini trampoline for at least 10 to 15 minutes will stimulate your lymphatic system.  The rapid changes in gravity cause your lymphatic channels to expand, thus enhancing lymphatic circulation. When you land on the trampoline, your body experiences twice the force of gravity, making bouncing more effective than running for stimulating lymph flow.
    • Improves visual coordination
    • Cardiovascular endurance
    • Improves balance
    • Increase bone density

    A study, published in the International Journal of Sports Science, has concluded that rebounding exercise is twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and 50% more efficient at burning fat than running. The study was conducted over a period of 8 weeks with participants exercising three days a week and otherwise maintaining “their usual diet and lifestyle habits during the study period.”

    Most importantly, it's FUN!

    Have you ever tried a “Belicon” trampoline? Find out why its the best and only trampoline we use at The Mix…
    The Bellicon costs more than most other rebounders because it is the highest quality, best performing rebounder available.
    The Bellicon is designed and manufactured to provide not only the most durable and stable mini-trampoline, but also the perfect bounce. The frames are so well constructed that they have a weight limit twice that of most rebounders (440 pounds).
    At the heart of the Bellicon mini-trampoline is the Bellicon bungee, which is produced with its own custom-formulated latex to guarantee ideal performance. Bungees come in different strengths to ensure the perfect bounce for any body weight or exercise approach.
    Nothing else performs as well, lasts as long or is so enjoyable to use as a Bellicon.
    The enjoyment, benefits and quality you’ll experience every time you use it is nothing like anything you have experienced on other mini trampolines.

    Let's BOUNCE!

     A gentle bouncing break on the Bellicon mini trampoline activates muscles, and the intervertebral discs are supplied with new nutrients through the pressure and tensile loads. Even the smallest exercise session of less than a minute results in noticeable effects: simply bouncing up and down is enough to break the static posture and relieve the back. 

    Get up off the chair, friends.  During long periods of sitting, we adopt an unhealthy posture. This has a negative impact on our back health and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Want to join us virtually? We have trampolines for rent. Contact us today!

    Any 3 Fitness Classes for Only $15

    We offer Strength Training, Bounce Trampoline Rebounding, and Yoga.

    Try all 3!

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    Google Reviews

    Micaela: I could not recommend The Mix enough. I have gone to four trampoline classes so far and I can’t wait to keep coming back every week. Sarah and Lizzy are fantastic teachers – they are so kind, supportive, and . A full-body workout, while easy on your knees – and with fun music blasting. 🙂 It is such a blast!!!! Thank you Sarah and Lizzy! 
    Rachel:  I have tried a lot of different workout studios and trainers, and The Mix is one of the best studios and Sarah is my favorite trainer. Mix Total Body is such a fun workout and it’s different every time. This is awesome for me because I get bored doing the same workouts. I have also tried Bounce and Burn (trampoline class) a couple of times and thought it was a great cardio workout. I am not a huge cardio fan, but this class is super fun and doesn’t even feel like you’re working out!
    Charlene:  This place is great! Such a fun variety of classes with welcoming people makes exercising something I no longer dread! Bounce & Burn is unlike any other class I’ve done! Don’t let the trampoline aspect intimidate you, there are plenty of modifications for whatever your needs may be. During the class, the exercises rotate/change quickly enough that they are all manageable sets yet effective and it also makes the time go by FAST. Becky is great and has lots of jokes throughout to take your mind off “the burn”! The Mix Total Body is another great class with SO many modifications for ALL fitness levels. If you are recovering from an injury they are also happy to make modifications if needed, or if you need more of a challenge that’s also an option (but be careful what you wish for, Sarah can make it pretty tough!!) Also, in just about every class there’s usually a few exercises that Physical Therapists typically prescribe to most of their patients for their home exercise program to build a strong foundation. (If you’ve been to a PT you probably know these exercises are useful to prevent re-injuring yourself so this class makes it easy to check that box as well as getting a good workout in!) This studio also has the best/most fun Zumba classes I’ve ever been to!! I look forward to trying any new classes that are added because I have yet to find one I didn’t like! If you’re considering trying out The Mix Studios I would HIGHLY recommend it no matter who you are or what physical fitness level you’re at, if you want a great workout that is fun at the same time, this place is for you!
    Laura: The Mix is fantastic, welcoming and friendly, and the new space in Ypsi is beautiful! Sarah and all the trainers are incredible, engaging, supportive and complete professionals. Personal Training is just that – personal and curated for your needs and interests, and the class options are plentiful and fun! Couldn’t recommend this place more!

    Elise: Sarah and her team at The Mix are amazing. Knowledgeable, updated on the latest research, and, most importantly, client-centered. So grateful to have The Mix as part of my regular exercise routine!

    Julie: If you haven’t given The Mix a try, you should! I started taking classes this past September and it’s the kind of local fitness studio I’ve been looking for and needing in my life it keep myself moving and getting stronger. This is a no-judgement zone with excellent teachers who know how to lead you and help you make adjustments and modify things based on your needs. I especially have appreciated the flexibility of offerings both in-person and outside (weather permitting) and virtual classes I can take in my home and still feel like I’m getting something from.

    Address in Depot Town: 306 N River St, Suite C, Ypsilanti, Mi
    Phone: (734) 845-9105
    Cardio Fitness Classes
    Shoes are optional. Try Grippy Socks!