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Certified Health Coach

Who is Ingrid?

Certified Health Coach
Personal Trainer
Studio Cycling and TRX

Master’s degree Kinesiology – University of Michigan – 1991

I love my German heritage language and was ready to teach it (I was once a certified K-12 German teacher!), however, kept getting pulled into the wellness world in a variety of ways. I’ve been the Health and Wellness Director at a YMCA and have taught various classes at the Ann Arbor YMCA, including the Diabetes Prevention Program. It was my pleasure to run the wellness center and programming at Glacier Hills Senior Living Community the last four years, where we fully embraced active aging.

Since getting a hip replacement two years ago, I have stayed away from the impact of running and replaced it with hiking. This experience personally showed me that we continuously adjust and modify as we age to do what feels appropriate for our bodies while still nurturing our souls. We strive to keep moving, strengthening, growing, learning and experiencing life to the fullest. Which brings me to…

What is Wellness?

The International Council on Active Aging defines it:

“Wellness is derived from our ability to understand, accept and act upon our capacity to lead a purpose-filled and engaged life. In doing so, we can embrace our potential (physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental, vocational) to pursue and optimize life’s possibilities.

The wellness dimensions overlap and coordinate to provide rich environments for living. Wellness becomes a framework that is valuable for serving the wants and needs of a person engaged in life.”

When you consider these dimensions, are you well balanced? What’s missing? Chances are you already know. Chances are you struggle with juggling too much to keep your life running smoothly or just running. But what is the value of running through life? Pausing to access what’s valuable in your life and taking small steps to focus on what you value creates more meaning. How do you see yourself in the next 3 months, year and years to come?

What is Coaching?

My role as your coach is to help you sustain a higher level of well-being and functioning in your life and work, especially when you recognize that something needs to change. Problems we may identify don’t necessarily vanish, it’s just that they fade into the background as other things become more important. You will acquire new knowledge and skills. We tap into psychological resources needed for permanent change, including mindfulness, self-awareness, positivity, hope, optimism, self-efficacy and resilience. I support you on your journey to your most vibrant and healthy self. With my coaching… …we explore your wellness vision, enhance self-discovery and sense of adventure and gain forward momentum through goal setting and accountability. …we assess your readiness for change. …we build a relationship that draws out your strengths and internal motivation. ….we look at your life in terms of what might be. …we will approach our work together with compassion. I recognize and honor you as the expert in your life as you reach towards your best self.

How Coaching Sessions Work?

After completing a health assessment, we begin with an exploratory 90 minute session; at this time, using Face-Time, Google Hangouts or Zoom. This is a collaborative approach to find consistency in behaviors that already enhance your well-being and to explore the missing pieces. (Examples of topics meaningful to my clients are: better health through physical activity and dietary changes, enhanced mobility and balance, pain-free movement, better energy throughout the day, restful sleep, life-long learning, retirement strategies, financial security, aging well, deeper relationships, efficient work habits, less screen time and engaging family time.) We create your wellness vision, set 3 month goals and create goals for the next week.

The three 60 minute follow-up sessions continue weekly or every other week. For safety and convenience, at this time, coaching sessions will continue via telephone, unless a client prefers video sessions.

What People are saying

“This is the first time in years that January has rolled around and I don’t feel like I am starting over with my weight and eating goals. I was already working on consistent behaviors that carried me through the holidays and into the new year. And I’m still going!”        – Margaret

“I hope you know this is truly making a difference in my life. No one has ever helped me make these connections before so that I feel better about acting on them.” – Ann
“Ingrid Crause is a very knowledgeable, insightful, congenial and supportive companion on my wellness journey. As my wellness coach, she encouraged me to clarify various issues around physical activity.”
– Donald Postema
Being able to talk openly and freely with her also helped me to uncover aspects of my day to day life that could improve my health, energy, and mental well-being that I greatly needed. While working with Ingrid, I learned how to make small and specific mini goals to help me reach much larger future goals.” -Claire