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Mix of Livestream Fitness Classes

Mix of Livestream Fitness Classes

Join us online from ANYWHERE including the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The Mix Studios is a safe, comfortable, welcoming studio that offers a variety of fun livestream classes. Our 50+ weekly in-person classes are also offered livestream so you can join from anywhere.

As a result, Strength Training, Mini Trampoline Cardio, Yoga, Mat Pilates, Step Aerobics, Cardio Drumming, Special Events, and more are included in our livestream classes. 

In addition, we also offer Personal Training, Semi-Private Training, Nutrition Services, and Health Coaching Virtually if needed.

Our FREE fitness goals consultation will provide you the direction and guidance needed to find your fit. Because the only thing missing in The Mix is you!

The best workouts are the ones you actually do!
If you are looking for fun workouts that you can do ANYTIME, then check out the Mix On Demand library. Instant access to pre-recorded 10-60 minute workouts.We have everything from recorded Yoga to Strength, to no equipment to Mini Trampoline workouts and more.
Mix of Livestream Fitness Classes


Mix of Livestream Fitness Classes

We strive to make fitness fun, accessible, safe, and open to ALL!

Get Fit and Have Fun Livestream


Our livestream yoga classes don’t require any fancy equipment, and our strength classes teach you how to use whatever equipment you have; dumbbells, bands, or even just bodyweight to get the best workout possible.

Get Fit and Have Fun Livestream


Why spend time driving, sanitizing, wondering about showers… when you can have the option to get an incredible livestream workout safely in your home, hotel, or anywhere you want!

Get Fit and Have Fun Livestream


Our livestream classes (unlike a free Youtube video) bring the energy, accountability, and personal attention of a studio class in the comfort of your home.

Mix of Livestream Fitness Classes

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Find out what it is like to do an online workout at
The Mix...
Find out what it is like to do an livestream workout at The Mix...

Free Sample: Hip opener and inner thigh stretch.

At Home Equipment Needed: Two hand towels and a long sweatshirt or yoga strap or resistance band to assist with a hamstring stretch.

Livestream Client Reviews

Kellie: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“I have taken several Zoom classes from The Mix and have always had a great experience. The instructors are friendly and happy to see you and they make an effort to ensure you are getting a good workout and using good form while also providing modifications and advice along the way. Highly recommend!”

Thank you Kellie! It is always so great to have you livestream in for classes!

Rebecca: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“I’m loving my livestream workouts with the Mix Fitness Studios! I do all the workouts via Zoom and it works great! It’s so convenient, but I still get that personal attention. I can see myself working out with this gym for a long time as they are also very affordable.”
Those of you looking at this after Halloween… I don’t always wear my super woman outfit to teach class. LOL.
Thank you Rebecca for this review and a fun new pic!…
Mix of Livestream Fitness Classes

Therese: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“The Mix Fitness Studios is AMAZING! I am a retired professional modern dancer. Being in my 60s now, I need to keep up my strength and balance. I can only take class online because I live out of state and it is like I am in the room with Sarah. She provides helpful movement or positional corrections when needed. She is also praises me which feels great! Although I am in my home I love my class, we laugh and work hard together. My sister and brother also take class and get personal training at The Mix Fitness Studio, it has become a great way to get and stay healthy.”


So great having you livestream in for class Therese! I have loved seeing your strength increases and hope one day we can do a class in person when you visit!

Mix of Livestream Fitness Classes

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