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Mix Member Challenge

This is not a weight loss challenge!

This is a Jump into Action challenge!

Consistency is rewarded NOT over – doing it.

Kickstart your New Year

Tackle those obstacles

Score Self Care Points

Doesn’t matter when you start.

What matters is that

You’ll finish

feeling strong, accomplished, happy and energized.

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Why should you join?

You have health and fitness goals that you want to achieve … but let’s face it, life is always getting in the way

So many of us have health and fitness goals/ aspirations/ wants.   But most of us just keep thinking about what we want for the end outcome and miss the step of making a plan on HOW to complete the actions that we need to do day in and day out in order to achieve that outcome.

This is a Jump into Action challenge

A challenge with tons of support to help you…

…DO the actions needed to feel healthy and happy AND HAVE MORE ENERGY!

What you get...

  • 2 Calls with our Health Coach, Kim
  • Meal Planning Secrets Book
  • Wellness Workbook
  • Weekly Videos Lessons
  • Group Zoom Call
  • Motivation and Support from The Mix Team
  • Accountability from other challengers
  • Access to The Amazing My Coach App
  • Prizes!


Exactly what you need. A plan + realistic actions that are do-able, and accountability to make it happen.  

Week 2

The details. The recipes, habits and the framework to reach your goals.

Week 3

Mindset tools to keep you consistent and on track.

Week 4

More resources and check-ins.  You’ll start to feel stronger and that alone will begin to motivate you to stick to your actions.

Week 5

Tons of cheering on, because this is when it gets tough. Motivation in many forms to keep you consistent even through tough days.

Results / Outcome

Feel the benefits of your actions; strength, energy, happiness, better sleep etc. Learn how to keep them going. Learn how to make it stick.Y

How you feel ....

….affects everything. It’s how you show up for your family, your job, your hobbies.

This challenge is about feeling like you can succeed at fitness and health by breaking it down into actions.

Actionable to-do’s that will fit into your life.

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”


How long is the challenge?
5 weeks: Starts on January 28th and ends on Sat March 2nd

What are the action habits?
General healthy actions: exercise, movement, meal prep, eating fruits and vegetables, relaxation time, and a few others you can choose from.

How do I sign up for classes? 
Sign up on our site just like usual using your current membership.
We will have a kickoff party on Jan 28th.  You will be encouraged to schedule all your classes then.  You can attend In person/via Zoom or watch the recording later.

Do Livestream/Online Classes count?
Yes, join us in person or in the Zoom studio to accumulate 15 classes.

What if I can’t visit the studio 3x’s a week?
You just have to complete 15 visits in 5 weeks. They can be in person, or online, you can do 4 one week and only two in another. 

*Sign up early to get an extra week to complete your classes!

How to Win!

Be 75% compliant with your action habits

Come to 3 classes a week or 15 visits over the course of 5 weeks.


Everyone who wins gets a Mix Tank or T-shirt

Winners will get entered into drawings for tons of great prizes!

How much does it cost?

  • 2 Calls with our Health Coach, Kim – $50 Value
  • Meal Planning Secrets Book – $30 Value
  • Wellness Workbook – $30 Value
  • Weekly Videos Lessons – $50 Value
  • Mix Shirt – $25 Value
  • Access to The Amazing My Coach App – $20 Value 

Total Value of $205


  • Motivation and Support from The Mix Team – Priceless
  • Accountability from other challengers – Priceless
  • $300 Worth of Prizes!

Current Mix Member Pricing: $85

early bird discount before 1/17/24 = 20% off

Challenge Starts 1/28/2024

Early Bird Special: $68

Sign up NOW, save money, and start working towards completing your 15 classes on January 21st so you can get an extra week to complete your classes.

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