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Best Shoes for Fitness Classes

Looking for new shoes?

Not sure what to look for so that you feel comfortable, balanced and supported in your Classes or for Training?

Things to think about:

In our Mix Total Body Classes we do mostly strength training with some cardio moves mixed in.  

We need to be able to feel the floor and find balance and activate muscles for our strength training.  Some of you will need little to no cushion for your strength training.  In fact training in bare feet is great.  But many of us could use some cushion to support our feet and joints.

Don’t use Running Shoes.  Running shoes have a super cushiony sole that will limit your ability to find balance and they have a heel lift usually which will really mess up your form for strength training.  It will feel harder to balance.

My personal suggestion is a cross trainer or minimalist shoe that feels good and feels like your foot can feel the floor a little.

Here are my suggestions from more cushion to less.

More Cushion

Reebok Nano X2 Women's Training Shoes $135
Adidas Ultraboost $190
Nike Metcon $130

Less Cushion

Adidas Cloudfoam $75
Nike Free Run $100
All Birds $105

My favorite shoe is the Adidas Cloud Foam!

Interested in trying one of my Mix Total Body Classes?

It’s a 45 minute class.  We work on whole body strength using dumbbells and bands.  It’s smart training for physique as well as just functioning in life!  So many clients have told me it’s the best class they have ever taken. 

I give many different variations of each exercise so that you can choose what feels best in your body.  Sign up here!

New Clients get 3 classes for the price of 1 ($15)

What is your favorite training shoes? Please comment below!

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