Strength Classes, Cardio Fitness, Yoga + Personal Training

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What's The Mix?

  • The Mix Studios is a small fitness studio with the goal of making fitness fun and accessible.!
  • Mix up your workouts with any combination that works for you:
  • Personal Training 
  • Small Group Training
  • Group Fitness Classes: Strength / Cardio / Yoga / Zumba / Trampoline Fitness

Want to talk more about your options and find the right fit?

Email or Text me (Sarah the owner) to schedule a free 30 minute call!

Email: a2mixstudios@gmail.com

Phone: 734-652-4465

We have a beautiful studio and an amazing outdoor space.  We are located in Ypsilanti and there is a free parking lot just steps away from our door!

Our trainers care about making movement fun and safe for you!

I joined The Mix during the pandemic when I was looking for high quality live stream classes. Everything about the experience exceeded my expectations. The class selection, coaching, and instructors are all great and I plan to continue my "virtual" live classes even after the world opens back up again.
Lisa P
Director of Admissions at Emerson School

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