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We believe the best workout is the one you’ll actually do consistently! Offering Strength Training, Trampoline Rebounding, and Yoga in our MIX with Online and In-Person offerings.
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Personal Training in Ypsilanti

Google Reviews

Charlene Cardillo:
This place is great! Such a fun variety of classes with welcoming people makes exercising something I no longer dread!

Elise Jones:
Sarah and her team at The Mix are amazing. Knowledgeable, updated on the latest research, and, most importantly, client-centered. So grateful to have The Mix as part of my regular exercise routine!

Julie Strassel:
If you haven’t given The Mix a try, you should! I started taking classes this past September and it’s the kind of local fitness studio I’ve been looking for and needing in my life it keep myself moving and getting stronger. This is a no-judgement zone with excellent teachers who know how to lead you and help you make adjustments and modify things based on your needs. I especially have appreciated the flexibility of offerings both in-person and outside (weather permitting) and virtual classes I can take in my home and still feel like I’m getting something from.

Address: 511 W Cross St, Suite 102, Ypsilanti, Mi
Phone: (734) 845-9105