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What Not To Do

How to exercise and love it!

The Motivation to exercise is tough and what’s more tough is doing it consistently.
Yesterday I listened to an interview with Michelle Segar. She is the author of No Sweat and is about to release The Joy Choice.
A huge take away for me was that research proves we are not motivated by weight loss. We need a bigger why for exercise. It must to relate to how we feel in the short term how we are able to show up to enjoy our life.  Things like boosting our mood are a great example.
We also need to make sure that we’re not miserable during the activity we choose. A small percentage of us love being sore afterwards and huffing and puffing during. For most of us this creates a correlation to pain and exercise, which is not fun.  This leads us to not be excited about our next workout.
So let’s sit with, or better yet, walk with, a thought today….
  • What types of exercise do you enjoy?
  • What types of exercise do you know allow you to live the life you want and participate in activities that mean something to you?
  • When you do them do you allow yourself to enjoy the movement or do you feel like you have to go max effort every time?
For me functional strength training – like my Mix Total Body Class give me strength and balance to feel good lifting my kids and feel good hiking, exploring and dancing!
My trampoline workouts give me endurance and an endorphin boost that I need to stay happy, patient, and sane.
So we know what not do… what is your focus?
I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this.  Please comment!
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