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Private Personal Training in Ypsilanti

The Mix is a small, private, and safe fitness studio with a skilled staff who truly care and want to help.

Working out with a personal trainer in one of our private studios comes with a lot of perks with the personalized guidance, support, motivation and the energy boost experienced from working out with someone. Most importantly, having a personal trainer to guide you through the correct positioning and form is invaluable. Therefore, we can help ensure that performing the exercise is done most effectively for each specific body, so that we can see better results, and avoid potential injury this way.

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We also offer small group training with 4 or less clients. Workout with friends or let us match you with new ones. This is a less expensive option that still provides custom workouts fit to your needs. Some of our clients transition to a small group after working out for a while in private with a personal trainer. As a result, many of our clients love the additional support and accountability that a small group can provide.

Similarly, some clients start out with personal training and transition to classes. Our studios also facilitate a Mix of over 50 fitness classes a week. The small class sizes max out at 9 or less.

By the same token, Personal Training and Small Group Training can be facilitated livestream.

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Private Personal Training

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We strive to make fitness fun, accessible, safe, and open to ALL!


Personal Trainers Who Care...

Each of our Certified Personal Trainers has a huge heart, years of experience, and a strong desire to deliver a fun, effective, private, and safe workout!

Member Highlights: Real people living there best lives...

Private Personal Training
Courtney: Nominated by Personal Trainer/Instructor Kim...
“Courtney is fun loving and up to trying anything! A working woman with a young son, another on the way and working toward her PhD, she still dedicates time to take care of herself! She has been wonderful about providing feedback, especially when we started “MacGyver-ing” things through her pregnancy. I love trying to find solutions for whatever pops up and we have a lot of fun doing it. Keep up the great work Courtney, your strength is amazing!!!”
Courtney, What is your favorite thing about being part of The Mix?

I love that it doesn’t feel like a gym.

What positive outcomes have you experienced because of being a member at The Mix?

My goal when I started training with Kim was to get in better shape to help with fertility and to become comfortable attending fitness classes. Currently, I have attended 2 classes so far and I am 6 months pregnant 🙂

What have you learned in your time at The Mix?

That working out doesn’t need to be a chore. I am capable of a lot more than I realized.

What is your favorite workout or exercise and why?

Around the world on the bosu balls! I started out super wobbly, but I can now balance on it upside down and with a heavier weight. As a result, I love feeling the sense of “conquering the bosu ball”.

How did you get started at the Mix?

I was looking to get back into exercise and wanted a personal trainer. So, I reached out to Sarah, who set me up with Kim, and the rest is history!

Favorite Motivational Quote?

She believed she could, so she did.

Anything Else you want to add?

Thank you to Kim for helping me realize my goals and my potential. Working out with you is like hanging out with a friend 🙂

Private Personal Training
Sandra: Nominated by Personal Trainer/Instructor, Maydis...
Sandra has been a member of The MIX since February 2022. She does personal training with Maydis twice per week and attends 1 other strength class on most weeks. And,… has been consistent and motivated at each session!

When Sandra started working with Maydis, her 1 rep max for the leg press was 65#. Sandra now has a 1 rep max of 120#. She’s excited about her progress and is really impressed about the muscles that peek out from her short sleeve shirt.

Maydis says,

“Sandra brings a “Can Do Spirit” to each session and has shown improvements in strength, balance, and form. She works hard and is always up for trying new things. I am so proud of her!”

Outside of workouts at the MIX, Sandra plays a weekly game of tennis. Sandra says,

I really enjoy coming to The Mix because I have a great trainer to work with. She is someone who has confidence in what she is doing, provides good instructions and pays attention to my needs”.

Private Personal Training
Gretchen: Nominated by Personal Trainer/Instructor, Joseph...
“Gretchen has been training since Fall 2022. She is a Mom, wife, nurse and is crushing her workouts!”
Gretchen, What is your favorite thing about being part of the mix?
When Joseph first asked me this question, my answer was ,”its proximity to Hyperion”. Although I do appreciate high quality coffee, I like the Mix for the community. Love the small building and the small classes. I like knowing people by name, and I like supporting a business that is owned by a member of my community.
What have you learned in your time at The Mix?
I’ve learned that my health is the most important thing in my life. Without my health I cannot do the activities I want to do. I am a mom and a nurse. Over the years I had set my health on the back burner. When I wanted to run like I used to, I realized that I wasn’t able to. I have been working with Joseph since the Fall to strengthen my body for running.
What is your favorite workout or exercise and why?
In person training, I like the exercises that help me realize the strength that I have gained. It’s exciting to see this when I am needing to increase the weight or the band resistance when doing an exercise that I have done before. I get really charged when I am able to do an exercise that I was not able to do at all several months ago. As far as group classes, I also like yoga.
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We offer livestream and in-person services including, Private Personal Training, Small Group Training, a variety of Fitness Classes, nutrition coaching, special events, and more…

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Experience Private Personal Training in our Ypsilanti Studios.


Private Personal Training

Whether its one workout or weekly sessions, working with a personal trainer is an amazing way to learn movement that is safe and effective to your specific body as well as all the other aspects you need to reach your fitness goals, with accountability and motivation. Do you have a friend or family member who wants to train with you? Ask about Semi-Private Training.

Private Personal Training


  • Many Options to Help You Reach Your Goals
    No Contracts or Commitments
  • Location Options
    Onine / In Studio/ Outdoors
  • Semi-Private (2 people) Pricing
    $40-$50 per person
  • Private Session Pricing
    $70-85 per session
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Small Group Training

Experience the creativity, personal attention and all the benefits of working with a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost! Facilitated in our private, small, beautiful studios, so you can feel safe and get an amazing workout! We can match you up with the right group. Send us a message.

Mix of Fitness Classes in Ypsilanti


  • Options
    4 People or Less
  • Individual Attention
    Get the best workout for you while feeling safe, and well taken care of.
  • Pricing
    Starting at $33
  • Who
    Work out with your friends or let us match you with new ones.
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Experience Private Personal Training in our Ypsilanti Studios.